Our projects are widely varied in terms of industry and complexity and we are often bound by non-disclosure agreements, but below are a couple examples of our recent successes.

A National Chain of Hormone Replacement Therapy Clinics

Medical practices use software that we custom-built to order prescriptions and report and track the number of procedures completed. The national chain tracks commissions to their sales team, integrates with Quickbooks, tracks production and inventory at their pharmacy, integrates with the pharmacy, accepts payments, etc. 100% of the services and operational requirements of the business are contained within the software that ROIDevelopers built.

A Money Manager in the Foreign Exchange Market (FOREX)

This business manages tens of millions of euros worth of customer funds. I built a sophisticated accounting system that tracks profit and loss in the forex market. When a trade is closed, profit and loss evenly allocates to all participants in the fund based on their deposits. Because the fund has thousands of customers, each individual trade created thousand of customer records in the database. The primary challenge of the project was optimizing server and database performance to meet business requirements while keep page load times under a few hundred milliseconds.