Hire a Developer. 
The Right Way. 

All the benefits of an in-house developer, without the risks associated with hiring one.

Tell me if any of this sounds familiar...

I need to hire a developer, but don't know where to begin.

I'm not technical.  How will I know if the developer is cutting corners?

I've been burned by hiring developers in the past who couldn't deliver as promised.

My name is Shaun Overton and my goal is to provide you the benefits of an in-house developer, without the risks associated with hiring one.

  • You still retain 100% ownership of code and complete control over the development process
  • Costs are significantly less than the traditional freelance or contract model
  • No risk of poor hiring decisions because I've already vetted the team

What is the 


An instant team

The most important decision that a business leader makes is "Who gets to play on my team?" ROIDevelopers comes with a CTO and programmers that are 1) outstanding with their technical skills and 2) team players. ROIDevelopers has already made the critical hiring decisions to ensure that ROIDevelopers plugs into your company smoothly and easily.

100% ownership of code and IP

Hiring a US based company insures that your project falls under US law. Software development falls under the legal framework known as "Work For Hire". Your business retains total ownership over all of the source code, software and intellectual property associated with ROIDevelopers' work for you.

No time commitments

Hire us for as long or as little as you like.

Add to your development team as needed - without hiring

Working on multiple projects means that ROIDevelopers has a deep pool of talent to bring into and out of your project as needed.

Common programming technologies & industry standard tools

A common mistake in software engineering is allowing the programmers to use the tools that they're used to. But what if those tools are uncommon? All tools and programming languages used in your project need to be widespread and well known. Said another way, it's our job to make sure that you can easily replace us.

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Why is this model better than hiring a full-time developer?

How long is your minimum engagement?

Why is this model better than hiring a freelancer?

Don't we need to meet face-to-face to ensure success?

What do you charge?

I have an idea for an application but I don't even know how to get started. What do I do?

Can you take over a project that is already started or an application that already exists?

Tell Me About Your Project

What does the project do and, more importantly, how will it help build your business? Do you have existing software or do you want to build from scratch? Click on "Talk To Me!" to build a game plan that minimizes your risks and gets you to a minimum viable product as quickly as possible.